Over 50 years of global experience and connectivity

Clinton Capital Partners (CCP) is a privately owned and non-aligned corporate advisory business that specialises in providing “Venture Capital” equity & debt advisory services, capital raising & direct investment.

Why Clinton Capital Partners?

  •  Partners with companies beyond just a transaction  
  •  Successful track record in delivering shareholder returns
  •  Extensive global experience, networks, industry knowledge
  •  Proudly provides non-aligned advice

Our company motto "Yesterdays Principles for Tomorrows Companies"  has formed our investment thesis. We pride ourselves on the quality of companies we partner with, the quality of our investor community, and ultimately, our investment performance.

We believe the investor and issuing client universes are interlinked.  It’s in understanding, simplifying and connecting the two that the investment goals of both can be achieved.

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Who we are

Randolf Clinton

Clinton Capital Partners was founded by Randolf Clinton. Randolf has over 35 years of leadership experience in global investment banking and financial markets, having worked in London, Singapore, Hong Kong & Australia for companies such as JPMorgan, Credit Suisse, ABN Amro and RBS.

Email: Randolf
Phone: 02 9221 4446

Starting out as a trader on the Australian Stock Exchange, Randolf has held various leadership positions and directorships across the globe, including Managing Director, Head of Cash Equities AsiaEx, Head of Equities Distribution AsiaPac at JPMorgan and Managing Director, Head of Equities at RBS. He has been responsible for businesses, products and teams across 15 countries managing upwards of 250 people generating in excess of $500-700m in revenues.

Randolf has a proven track record of building businesses and developing outcomes around complex situations. His passion for helping others achieve their business goals coupled with his extensive industry knowledge and experience is what makes Clinton Capital Partners a truly unique advisory business.

Brett Mikelsen

Brett has 20 years of experience in finance, growth strategy, and technology. He has 11 years experience in investment banking and wealth management at UBS, and as a former electronic engineer has worked with emerging companies as a founder, growth strategist, or advisor since 2000.

Email: Brett
Phone: 02 9221 4448

Brett spent 11 years at UBS most recently as Director, National Sales Management for the private client business, which provides investment and balance sheet advice to HNW families, entrepreneurs, and executives. Prior to banking he founded a successful start-up, and since then has been involved in the industry as a growth strategist, advisor, or investor for numerous companies. Brett holds a Bachelor of Finance, a Bachelor of Engineering (Electronic), completed education in Venture Capital at Harvard Business School, and is a Graduate Member of the AICD.


Jordan Thurlow

Jordan is a strategic wealth management & entrepreneurial professional, with over 15 years experience at Man Group PLC, one of the worlds largest alternative asset managers; MCG Wealth Management and; his own turnaround group, Bay State Group.

Email: Jordan
Phone: 02 9221 4445

Jordan brings a rigorous commercial mindset and an open mind to innovation, allowing him to identify opportunities and implement strategies that deliver strong commercial outcomes. Jordan has completed a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration/Finance at Boston University and, an MBA from IE Business School, Madrid.

How we work

At Clinton Capital Partners we provide “Venture Capital” equity and debt advisory, capital raising & investment; seed, angel, series through to IPO.

We understand the challenges that come with a fast growing business and we aim to simplify these complex business problems and provide the opportunity for partnership-style investments that benefit both investor and company. Our goal is to facilitate the success of all parties involved, creating a win-win situation.

Clinton Capital Partners brings over 50 years of global experience & connectivity


Clinton Capital Partners understands that the Investor and Issuing client universes are interlinked. 

Its in understanding, simplifying and connecting the two that investment “returns” can be achieved. 

With over 30 years of experience advising Investors, CCP offers “Wholesale Investors";

  • Experience & Understanding When Investing In VC Companies
  • Access to “Venture Capital” Opportunities Many Wouldn't See
  • Rigorous Due Diligence Process
  • Trust, Reputation, Credibility
  • Track Record Of Investment Returns; and
  • We Have Skin In The game
Global Experience
Global Network
Non Aligned and Objective
Complex situations made simple
Proven track record



At CCP the journey is far more important than an immediate outcome



Clinton Capital Partners works with a range of companies from the Aspirational Entrepreneur, through to Government agencies. 

Clinton Capital Partners prides itself on delivering the complex made simple and, can offer both small and large companies;

  • Over 30 Years Experience Advising, Analysing & Investing In Companies
  • A Trusted Partnership For The Duration Of The Journey
  • Strategic Advice
  • Access to “Strategic” Capital
  • Direct Investment; and
  • Proven Track Record Delivering Results

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What we've done

Bene Finance
OrderUp II
Year 13
Lumitron XRays
Event Hub
Dementia II
Sparkke II
My Emergency Dr
Loc8 II
Adviser Ratings
Dementia Care
Flex Careers

"We look to partner with companies, rather than just transact for them" 

CCP offers Investment, Capital Raising, Strategic Partnerships, Business & Financial Advice, Mentoring and Shareholder Engagement


What our clients say


* CCP created Liquidity Event for Investors - as both advisors & shareholders, creating liquidity events along the way is an important part of what we do and, this highlights the liquidity opportunities and returns we have created for early investors

In the unlisted equity market, various methods are used to estimate the current value of a portfolio. We will not attempt to accurately do this here, but instead give a partial insight into our returns, using instances where companies have had a follow-on round and have ‘marked’ a new valuation.

To date, our Portfolio has delivered a 123% Return (November, 2019), had you invested $1 in each of our 17 companies that have marked or exited (total outlay $17). We believe that our total performance (including the 9 companies that have not marked) will result in a higher return.

While we are proud of our portfolio performance to date, we acknowledge that investing in the emerging company space comes with both higher risks and rewards. CCP strongly recommends diversification of ones portfolio.


News & Updates

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5 Aug 19 , AFR

WYWM Series B

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2018 Report
4 Dec 18 , CCP

2018 End of Year Communication for Investors and Supporters

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Aussie's Lumitron hunts biggest X-ray breakthrough since 1800s with $33.6m raise
10 Jul 18 , AFR, July 10

Aussie's Lumitron hunts biggest X-ray breakthrough since 1800s with $33.6m raise

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